• AOYUE 128 Solder Iron Tip Cleaner & Polisher electric for cleaning • for lead-free & standard soldering tips • brushes 85% bronze 15% steel

    AOYUE 128 Solder Iron Tip Cleaner & Polisher electric for cleaning

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A modern device for cleaning soldering tips should not be absent from a well-equipped work-place. Due to the high soldering temperatures in the processing of lead-free solder the used soldering tips oxidate considerably faster, resulting in an early deterioration of the soldering tips. Another cause for the fast wear of the soldering tips is the use of wet solder sponges. By means of the water that evaporates the soldering tip is rapidly cooled down, this process can lead to cracks on the surface of the soldering tips, making the copper core inside the soldering tips vulnerable. To reduce this kind of deterioration we recommend using des Aoyue solder tip cleaner with metal sponge, 85% bronze and 15% steel. Damaging the steel layer of the soldering tip is excluded due to the low hardness of the bronze brush.Should it happen that the cleaning tips do not take solder anymore because of improper handling like too high temperatures or erroneous cleaning of the tip, then polish the tip with the polisher device Aoyue 128. The rotating bronze brush reliably removes all residues so that you can work again with a cleal solder tip.We recommend tinning the soldering tips after cleaning and polishing them.The tip polisher Aoyue 128 has 12 available tip holders suitable for lead-free as well as for standard solder tips. For cleaning just empty the removable aluminium tray. The tray has to be put back in the polisher device after being emptied where a magnetic sytem snaps the tray back into position.

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