• AOYUE 9050 2-Power Ultrasonic Cleaner 50W - including timer - 50W or 30W selectable

    AOYUE 9050 2-Power Ultrasonic Cleaner 50W

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This product leaves the range, as we want to make room for new products. We are happy to advise you if you need an alternative for this station. The spare parts will be available in future. The Aoyue Ultrasonic Cleaner can be employed for cleaning small circuits, watches, jewellery, components, hot air nozzles antiquities and a lot more. The basin operates with powerful 30 Watt respectfully 50 Watt, swichable by pressing a button. The values are showed on the digital display per LED ( red 30 Watt, and green 50 Watt). The ultrasonic cleaner has a built-in timer that runs for 99 seconds and then the ultarsonic tank switches off automatically, the time is also showed in the display.

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