Lawn Mower lifter – Ride on mower- lift
With this device you can quickly and safely make repairs yourself, tire change, or knife cleaning on the underside of lawn tractors, hand mowers or quads!

Very easy to use, suitable for all lawn mower to 400 kg and the unit is no wear and tear!


Product description:

Mowerlifter / lawn tractor lifter metal
For jacking heavier mowers, small tractors, quad bikes etc
Device braces effortlessly all machines to 400 kg
Just move the rear wheels of your device in the recordings of the lifting device to the jack and high boost lawn tractor easily by hand crank to the desired position.
Space-saving folding, easy storage and handling
Inclination angle is up to about 45 ° infinitely adjustable
Secure stand guaranteed: In this way, you can easily and work in peace and quiet


Can lift up to 400 kg
Tilt angle: adjustable up to approx 45 °
Maximum width: up to 100 cm
Wide wheels recording: 30 cm
Weight: about 18 KG
49,5 x 30 x 115 cm

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