• H-Tronic AL2000plus Battery charger Automatic charger 12V AGM gel lead • For wet cell batteries, • Gel & AGM batteries, • Fully•automatic

    H-Tronic AL2000plus Battery charger Automatic charger 12V AGM gel lead

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CharacteristicsA modern and smartbattery charger not only recharges small batteries but also large ones such as for instance in motorcycles, scooters, quads, cars and tractors. Due to the fully electronic AL 2000, any conventional lead-acid-batteries, that is wet cell batteries, maintenace-free AGM (microfleece batteries) as well as gel batteries can be recharged safely and by simple means even while being connected. The AL 2000 proves to be perfect for all ATV starter batteries in seasonal vehicles and vintage cars that are to survive long periods without being moved.The device complies with all requirements and safety criteria that nowadays hold true for the recharge of batteries. The operation of the AL 2000 is based on a most modern and characteristic-controlled charging technology, thus providing for an optimal charging and maintenance of the battery. There is a “smart” software ensuring the constant control of the batterie and monitoring all procedures during the charging process. Furthermore, there are 9 LED lights for clearly indicating the respective state of procedure. Depending on the respective state of the battery, the correct charging sequence is all-automaticallycontrolled. The battery may be permanently connected for months without damaging the vehicle´s electronics. The risk of overloading is excluded.Your benefits:• Multi stages I/U-charging characteristic (I-phase, U1-/U2-phase)• Protected against polarity reversal and short-circuit by electronic protection circuit• Trickle charging• Battery testing and diagnostic function, defect detection• Spark-free• 2 LED lights for indication of the battery type• 6 LED lights for indication of the status to monitor the whole procedure of chargingthat is: charging, testing, trickle charging, defect, polarity reversal, finished• 1 LED light for mains connection 230 V• Battery may be permanently connected (ideal for seasonal vehicles)Technical data:• Operating voltage: 220 – 240 V/AC• Charging current max. up to 2 A (fully-automatic adjustment)• Weight: approx. 420 g• Dimensions: approx. (W x H x D) 165 x 80 x 43 mm

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