• Vehicle battery charger / car battery charger 6V/12V • Quick charging • Lead-acid batteries • 6V / 2A,12V / 2A,12V / 10A • LED-display

    Vehicle battery charger / car battery charger 6V/12V • Quick charging

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The fully automatic battery charger with its practical handle is ready for use within just a short time and well-suited for charging batteries with 6 V or 12 V.This efficient charger provides for a safe and quick charging of batteries; it includes an ampere meter, a charging indicator, a polarity testing display as well as a switch informing entirely about all relevant processes at a glance.The charging electronics limits the charging voltage, thus excluding the risk of overcharging. So the process of charging does not have to be controlled. With this battery charger, the charging period for 12 volts-batteries can be set between 12-V-quick and 12-V-slow. This battery charger has the dimensions: 300x230x190mm. It has a weight of 4,8 kg. The cable along with a Schuko-plug which is included in the supply has a length of 140 cm.

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