One of the latest and smartest battery chargers, diagnostic devices as well as testing devices for all 2 volts, 6 volts and 12 volts lead-acid batteries, maintenance-free gel batteries and lead-acid batteries.It thus prevents the harmful discharge, for instance by normal discharge (about 1% per day) or due to insufficient charging periods (short distance), overload (too many consumers) and a possibly too low loading capacity of the alternator.The charging voltage can be set from 2 volts, 6 volts and 12 volts via a sliding switch. For a short time the charger is short-circuit proof and reverse polarity protected. A reverse polarity is indicated via an LED indicator light. By this means you will have a clear and powerful battery in the forthcoming spring. The battery charger was specifically designed for the winter period and for the permanent charging of lead batteries. This charger operates with the most modern characteristic controlled charging technology (multi stage I/U characteristic I-phase, 2-phases) and thus provides for an optimal charging and care of lead-acid batteries. At any time it keeps ready motorcycles, cars classic cars, ships, campers, tractors as well as any equipment that is not used during the winter months, thus protecting the battery against a harmful deep discharge. Any overloading is excluded. This also applies for maintenance-free lead or lead-gel, exid, AHG, AGM, micro fleece and acid batteries. Due to the fully electronic voltage limit and current limit, a connected battery is always kept at optimum charge. Any overload or explosive detonating gas formation is excluded. The intelligent software constantly monitors all functions and controls the correct charging procedure according to the respective state. The battery charger loads with a maximum load current of 300 mA.The battery can be connected for months on automatic constant loading (for instance for the winter). An overload is not possible, the AL 600 plus loads unattended safely and realiably and protects the battery against harmful deep discharge. There are five LED lights that permanently display the state of operation such as mains voltage, charging, refreshing, loading done and errors. Details:• Multi-stage I/U charging characteristic I-phase, U1 phase, U2 phase• Automatic battery maintenance mode (automatic refreshing of the battery after charging)• Maintenance charging • Software controlled diagnosis of battery before charging process, battery test function, defect detection• For 2 volts, 6 volts and 12 volts lead-acid batteries (acid, gel, AGM, micro fleece, exide)• Battery capacity 1,2 – 40Ah• Charging current max. 0,6 A (automatic adjustment)• Electronic short-circuit and reverse polarity protection, overcharge protection


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